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Vision for Transgender Healthcare Under the Current Health Reforms

PATHA members published an academic journal article in the New Zealand Medical Journal in April 2023 and PATHA created a document in July 2022. These provide a vision for transgender healthcare in the context of the current health reforms. We created these to give PATHA members a chance to have their say and give feedback about what our association is advocating for as part of the current health reforms.  We also wanted to share with PATHA members and the general public about what PATHA is seeking in this consultation.

Guided by a Te Tiriti o Waitangi framework, our vision for transgender healthcare under the current health reforms includes the following:

        Resourcing and empowering primary care 

o    Improving access through an informed consent model of gender affirming care

        Increased capacity for gender affirming surgeries

o    Increase provision and equity

o    Clear pathways and with transparent nationally-agreed criteria

To achieve full access to appropriate care, we propose for a transgender healthcare resourcing hub to be set up. This new hub would not provide care directly, but would focus on coordinating, resourcing, empowering, and educating for this care in the new health system. This new hub should aim to achieve full access to person-centred gender affirming healthcare for all transgender people, regardless of their location, and promote transgender cultural safety and awareness within the wider healthcare system. To achieve this, we propose the hub include the following enabling strategies:

        Peer health navigators and support

        Education, resources, and professional development for healthcare staff

        Promoting healing focused care

        Accountability and transgender community leadership

You can read the academic journal article below or download the document here or read it on the New Zealand Medical Journal website. You can read our press release about the article here

You can read the full Vision for Transgender Healthcare document below or download the document here.


The Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA) is an interdisciplinary professional organisation working to promote the health, wellbeing, and rights of transgender people. We are a group of professionals who have experience working for transgender health in clinical, academic, community, legal and other settings.


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