PATHA Symposium 2021 presents

Engaging in Gender Affirmative Practices: An Aotearoa Approach

Friday 24 September, 10am - 5pm

Sometimes it feels like you have to travel across the seas to do gender affirming training.  PATHA are excited to present a full day training, covering an array of  perspectives and approaches to gender affirming practices in your backyard.  

This training is for social workers, youth workers, GPs, Nurses, tertiary and other primary health professionals, occupational therapists, mental health professionals, peer support workers, AOD support workers and for you if you think you need it.  

The training day will introduce practices associated with social, clinical and legal navigation experiences and will assist you to understand the purpose of gender affirmation practices within a clinical or social service support setting, working with trans and nonbinary folks.  

The day will encompass opportunities to engage with presenters, who are an array of health professionals, working in the sector, from multiple professions supporting trans and nonbinary people in a variety of ways across Aotearoa.  The training will be informed by international and regional practices relevant to any health or peer support professional and will help improve gender affirming practices alongside already understood practices that are your day to day skills. 

Whether you are new to the practice, or brimming with experience, you will learn something about your practice, and have an opportunity to network with others who are working to support trans and nonbinary folks in Aotearoa.  

Note this training will offer a certificate and count for any formal training registration needs. 

Don't miss out on this training experience, register to join.

Plus you can extend your learning and register to attend the PATHA symposium on the two days following (Sat 25 - Sun 26, September).

Registrations close on Wednesday the 22nd of September.

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The Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA) is an interdisciplinary professional organisation working to promote the health, wellbeing, and rights of transgender people. We are a group of professionals who have experience working for transgender health in clinical, academic, community, legal and other settings.

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